Who dropped the ball?

What little choice will you make today?

Make the choices that answer these questions:


What can I do? 


How can I help?


How can I change things?

How can I improve my situation / world / city / street / house/ family and finally myself?!

How can I change any of that?

How can I improve a little bit?

One question at a time. 
One step at a time.
One breathe at a time.

It’s NOT about:


When will “they”?


Why can’t “anyone”?



It’s all about you, my friend.

It’s all about me! 

Rephrase those questions. The QBQ.

What can “I” do?
How can “I” change?

It all starts with a change of mindset.  

You are not the victim of circumstance and nobody is conspiring against you. 

The change of mindset will start your growth.

Because, if you don’t have that mindset how can you dream big? 
How can you make this year any different than last year?

Are you relying on a miracle? 

(although that would be nice, it is not so practical…)

Don’t wait for miracles.

Start looking inwards at yourself. 

Take ownership of your life.

As Hillel the Elder said: “If it is to be, it is up to me!”