Who is in control

How do you control yourself, anyway?

Who is in control?

Should we let the rain or the cold (or your colleague or your customer) control your life?

We don’t want to find ourselves at the end of the year saying, “Oh, I didn’t reach my goals this year because it was raining on one Tuesday morning!”.

Uh. Uh!

Who is in control of your mind? Of your thoughts?

We do NOT allow any outside influences to affect us negatively. 

We work on ourselves.

You are in control of your thoughts.
You are in control of your actions.
You are in control of your emotions.

And not the weather or the people that surround you.

It is NOT easy to work on ourselves. Especially if we are learning this concept as an adult.

That’s why I would advise you to teach it to the young, so they should not find it so difficult.

Chin up!

You can do this!

You CAN still reach your goals.

Make it a great day ahead!