Who is telling you not to prospect?

Be wary who you accept advice from.

First you need to see WHO is saying it and HOW much success does that person have in this particular area that they are advising you.

I learned from Ken Wilbert this model, about there are many areas of knowledge.

Every area of knowledge is represented by a lever, which can be moved from 0-10 (imagine a big audio mixer with levers going up and down).

Nobody is at 10 on all levels of knowledge.

Some people are 10 in one area, while they are a zero in other areas. Many people are floating somewhere between 1 and 10.

Looking at this model, think about the people giving you advice.

If he’s a 10 in one area, don’t fool yourself and ask for advice in a different area (where he might be just a 2 or a 3). 

Think how much experience they have to be able to advise you about your issue.

Someone recently told me, “Cold calling is not working anymore.” 

My response was, “says the person who’s not doing it…” 

Of course it’s not working. You are not DOING it!

Be careful who is giving you advice. 

Did they ever do any cold calling, to be able to say “it’s not working”?

You can’t bundle it all into one package, and say the whole thing is not working.

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