Whom to blame #2

“A poor sailor blames the wind!”

Someone that is not good at his craft, will always blame outside influences for their problems.

A poor salesperson will blame the customer, the market, the underwriting team, the production team and the marketing team.

He will even blame Trump, global warming, and of course, Covid!

Anyone can blame anyone.  

A poor teacher will blame the students, the principal, the curriculum, and even the cleaning crew! 

A poor manager will blame the boss, the VP and the staff.

One who is unaccomplished will always blame the world. They blame God, nature, the marketplace, and anything they stumble upon.

It’s tough to live in peace and harmony if you blame everyone. Ultimately it gets back to blaming God, blaming the universe, blaming circumstances beyond our control. 

This leads to victimhood of circumstance. 

A victim cannot live in peace with himself and with others. 

A victim cannot love God.

A victim cannot live life with zest, energy and joy. 

Stop the blame game! 

Don’t blame anyone for your problems. Not even yourself!

Always come back to “What can I do next”.
Today! What tiny thing can “I” do to improve my situation?