Why am I doing this?


Why am I doing this?

I should drop it.

Perhaps I should change it to something more meaningful.

Today I’m too tired.

Tomorrow I’ll do a double.

All monkey talk.

It’s BS!!!

You’re just not disciplined!

That’s all.

Do you want to start working on discipline?

Here is what works for me.

Start in the morning.

Within the first five minutes of waking up.

Do one thing, even if it makes no sense to you.

Something that you quickly need to use your discipline for.

I happen to do it with push-ups, others doing it with other things, even drinking a cup of water.

Sometimes I feel, the smaller it is, the more meaningless it is, and you only do it for discipline, it is an opportunity to work on your discipline.

Be extremely ware of the monkey talk.

Especially if it’s a meaningless task.

It gotta be something you are not used to.

You do it because you want to build discipline.

There is a saying ”you don’t stop a commitment within 24 hours”.

You don’t change a commitment just because you are in a bad mood.

Think about it, discuss it, write it down, but you don’t change anything right now, you wait a while.

Let some time pass, the bad mood disappears, like it always does, and continue with the commitment.

That’s discipline.