Why am I so scared of making my calls?

Why am I scared of making that call? 

I’m literally freaking out!

What is this ”irrational fear” that totally takes over?

The brain is programmed to look out for and sabotage the unfamiliar.

I can commit to lose weight, eat right, and work out – and then at the sight or aroma of a slice of pizza, my commitment is out of the window.

What happens? 

Aren’t we rational beings?

Our rational mind knows without a doubt, that saying NO to these cravings are not dangerous.

But our subconscious mind is trained to keep us out of danger, and it’s doing a pretty good job at that.

Too good, I would say.

Like making me think that making that call is something dangerous, therefor, I should avoid it.

The mind wants predictability, comfort, and security.

It wants us to stay in a baby-like state, safe in a cocoon.

Make no calls, take no risks, don’t reach out to new people.

Let’s call it for what it is: Safety-seeking, sometimes irrational-fearing mind.

Identify it and thank it for its service.

Let it know there is no danger involved in making that call.

Even as it convinces every fiber in our body that it is…

Thank you but no, thank you…

I can go ahead an make that phone call.

There is no danger in discomfort!