Why do we have to go through all this change?

Any engines quit in your life lately? 

Are you facing change? 

If so, ask a better question that really works: “How can I adapt to the changing world?” #QBQ

The world keeps on changing.

(And we’re not just talking about the weather.)

Life evolves.

Health. Prosperity. Children/Parents. Peace. Happiness. Emotional wellbeing.

It all keeps moving.

It’s a changing world.

Even a tree keeps changing.

Every year our body goes through a total and complete change. The skin cells shed and new cells regenerate.

Our “e-motions” are energy in motion.

Even when the water looks calm, there are waves roiling underneath. 

The same happens within us.

The human body is compared to earth.
Trees = hair.
Snow = dried skin, dandruffs.
Rain = tears.
Canals = arteries.

It’s a moving world.
A changing world.
How can we adapt to it?

We need to understand that “this too shall pass”.

Everything passes and moves on.

Why should we create an attachment and suffering over a situation that will eventually move on?

The answer is the solution for a healthy and balanced life!