Will the real role models please stand up?

Who is supposed to be a role model to your child(ren)?

Do you expect the school/community/teacher/mentor to teach your child(ren)?

❓ Why do we go out of line when some Joe Shmoe (fill-in-the-blank-of that-singer/ballplayer/celebrity-here) says or does something that you do not approve of?

Because we put other celebrities/politicians on a pedestal and we expect them to be a role model to our kids.

Our politicians and government only have as much power as is given to them. 

The same goes for celebrities. Why do we give them so much power? Why do we hold them in such high esteem? 

Their opinion should not matter to you! The fact that there is a mic and camera focused on them, and they are in the spotlight, should mean nothing to you!

Remember, it is our duty to be the role model to our kids. Don’t rely on any outside influences to shape your child’s future! 

It all starts with you, my friend.

Here’s to a wonderful and successful day ahead!

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