Winging it

Are you winging it?

Winging it is just a highly egoic move that doesn’t work.

Trust me.

For many years I was ‘just winging it and doing things without any structure.

It didn’t work.

As Jeb Blount says, “Winging it is stupid!”

I have to agree with him.

When a person thinks so highly of themselves and says: “Oh, I am so good. I can wing it. Right?”…


Yes, you ARE good.
No, you CANNOT wing it.

Because you are not the same good every single day.

We have our ups and downs. 

There might be times that you will get tripped off by something, or get emotionally overloaded, and that hijacks the mind to think incorrectly.

The outcome will depend:
On your mood.
On the weather.
On your surroundings. 

“We don’t rise to the level of expectations. We sink to the level of preparedness. — Archilochus

The more you are prepared, even at your worst hour, you can only sink to the level of your inborn skills.

You have skills.
You have scripts.
You have processes. 

Don’t just wing it.

Just do it!