Winning or losing?

A LOs had eight files “cooking” at once. 
(Meaning, eight super-hot leads that are going to sign soon.)

I had a conversation with him one day.

He told me he didn’t submit a single file for the past two months. He had an empty pipeline.

For two months straight he has been making calls every day. The cold calls turned into warm leads and turned into eight files that are cooking at the moment.

Two months ago, when he had an active pipeline, he did not make any calls. He didn’t find the time for it.

This clearly brought out the notion I learned from #Carl White, that “You roller-coaster cycle is a choice. Your green time today is your pipeline for 60 days from now!”

We need to work on our green time in order to grow our future pipeline.

“Work will stretch to the time allotted” — Parkinson’s Law

If you will allot 8 hours for paperworks, it will take 8 hours.
If you give it 6 hours, it will take 6 hours.
If you will only allot 2 hours, it will take 2 hours.

Your time should be divided between prospecting, green time, calls, and paperwork.

Discipline equals freedom.

If you will keep to your discipline — your green time, your cold calling, etc. — you will have a full pipeline waiting for you!