Winning with the daily tax

“Nobody wakes up and intentionally sets out to gain 100 pounds,
Or lose their house,
Or lose their job,
Or see their kids in rehab,
Or go through a painful divorce.
It happens unintentionally, due to our small choices.” — Darren Hardy

As Dr. William James says, “It’s the tiny, little daily taxes that add up to huge dysfunction.”

One penny, and another penny, and another, if you keep on adding it ends up to thousands of dollars.

What will your daily choices add up to?

Every day when you make a choice; think: will this make you a winner or loser?

Write it down and track it.
W = winner
L = loser

Are you a winner? Or are you a loser?
Is this choice a winning choice? Or a losing choice?

Should I eat this — or not?
Should I go to the gym — or not?
Should I make my cold calls — or not?
Should I get distracted with my emails — or not?

…. Or losing?

It’s up to you!

Every tiny win will lead to bigger success.
Every little losing choice will lead to failure.