You can’t be hurt by fear

Imagine you see a pyramid.

I read about an amazing concept in the book “Crushing Call Reluctance”, by Carl White and Kevin Gillespie, on how to get rid of the cold calling fear. 

Take a piece of paper and draw a pyramid on it.

Divide the pyramid in 5 ascending parts, listing the 5 stages of fear most loan officers face:

I need to pick up that phone and dial!

I need to leave a voicemail.

I need to talk to the receptionist.

I won’t know what to say!

I will be rejected!

But think about it, one by one. 

Rejection does not ‘actually’ hurt you. The receptionist won’t bite and you will most likely have what to say (if you’re well prepared).

What happens if they will say no?! You are not a loser because of that.

A ‘no’ will not kill you! If it hurts your ego, then talk about it with a friend and laugh it off. Smile to yourself in the mirror until it doesn’t hurt anymore.

You have big dreams and major goals in this business. You are in it for the long term of 10, 15, 20 years. 

What are a couple of rejections in the long term plan of your career?

You cannot reach the high ranks of success without first plowing through the first few steps. 

There is no way to reach 100s of happy clients before going though 10s of rejections. 

How do you handle the fear of rejection?