Young and stupid

I closed my eyes and envisioned myself 30 years ahead in the road of life.

Many years ago, my friend Chaim Neuman and I did a personal development course. (Side note: Chaim is an amazing business coach and a great, great person!)

Anyway, we took this 50 hour course called “Mind Control” by Eben Pagan and Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall. (The course was recorded, so it ended up taking over 200 hours to complete.)

The exercises were very intense. It was a really great experience. Towards the end of the course, we had guided meditation where we needed to visualize ourselves in 10,20,30 years ahead.

I remember it very vividly. It was an extremely powerful exercise.

When I saw myself as 30 years older, I pictured how I have “cracked the many codes” of life with its challenges and ups and downs.

As I make progress in certain areas, I constantly keep changing the ‘code’ that needs to be cracked.

We constantly need to keep moving forward, regardless of if we’re in a good mood or a bad mood. 
“When life goes well, accomplish as much as you can. When you are in a rotten mood, don’t do too much damage!” — Lou Landau

Remember, this too shall pass!

Life is a constant cycle. There is not such a thing as having only good days with good moods and good motivation.

Humans don’t work that way. Humans have their down moments too.

Even when you are feeling down, try to continue the minimum of your daily commitments.
Like Mel Robbins says, “You can’t choose your feelings. You can only choose your actions. Feelings follow actions.”

Constantly keep on cracking the code of life. So you don’t get dragged down when in a down mood.

What is that one code you need to crack now? Think about it.