Your green time today is your pipeline in 60 days

Your pipeline from today is the green time from 60 days ago. 

Your green time of today is your pipeline for 60 days from now.

If you don’t work on sales now, you will have few deals to close in 60 days.

You might find yourself on a roller coaster, one month you’re doing well, the next month you’re not doing so well.

That’s because one month you’re focusing on support only.

Of course you have to do support of your sales.

 But you have to do both sales and support!

The default is not to prospect new sales. We become creative on how to avoid #prospecting. 

Salesing is non-negotiable!

60 minutes of green time is not negotiable. 

Support (of the sale) will fill up as much time as you allot to it.

Give it 4 hours, it will fill 4 hours.

Give it 14 hours, it will fill 14 hours.

You need to work on yourself to do your daily discipline, because it’s not something you do by  default.

Of course you have to support your account after the sale.

But first you have to do your green time! 

Because your green time today is your pipeline in 60 days.

Make sure your sales versus support is balanced.

My friends, I wish you a balanced life in all areas!