You’re getting a drug feeling

A friend was describing his anguish to me.

He was in so much pain and was attributing it to a mental and emotional issue.

I said to him, “yes, my friend, you are in pain, and you’re liking it, you need it, and you are looking for more.

How do I know?

Because you’ve been in this pain for months and years.

You’ve come to need it as an addict needs his fix.

My friend, if you get a hit from feeling inadequate, feeling not courageous enough, not strong enough; continually proving that you are defective and weak…

You are getting a drug hit with feeling low!

Observe your inner dialogue; catch yourself every time you find another weak point in you.

Recognize it for what it is – and inner dispensary of chemicals.

Challenge it!

Slowly but surely work yourself to abstinence.